Hardhat Hustle

Hardhat Hustle started as the third year university final project for myself and two team members. It is a multiplayer competitive party game for up to four players designed around a main building mechanic that I prototyped in a previous course. The project consists of multiple maps, characters and game modes and focuses on dynamic and fast-paced multiplayer gameplay with a high level of replayability. Hardhat Hustle won the Griffith University Game of the Year 2020 award, and I personally won the Griffith University Best Game Design 2020 award for my work on Hardhat Hustle.

My role in the project was primarily programming, as I did 100% of the programming involved in the project, including gameplay, UI and multiplayer programming. Additionally I was in charge of game design as the game concept was one I had prototyped previously and had spent time balancing and refining the concept before the final project began. I also functioned as team lead, in charge of all scheduling and work delegation, in addition to other production tasks.

Currently we are still working on Hardhat Hustle with the intention of releasing it commercially at some point in the future. For more information see our Twitter page, or play the game in pre-alpha on Itch.io.